Jonathan D. Kroeger

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Composer | Singer
Designer | Developer

Jonathan D. Kroeger is a multi-talented artist and certified nerd in multiple areas. While pursuing his passion in music in the academic space, he studied graphic design, computer programming, and web development through self-study and employment. He now splits his time between the fields of music and web development/design. He is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Composition from Bowling Green State University and working as a freelance composer and web developer. As a musician, Jonathan is an accomplished composer and singer with a focus on story-telling. Whether singing, composing, or writing text, he always strives to convey a narrative in which audiences can see reflections of themselves.

Musical Works
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When working in the web world, he brings a designer's eye and a focus on communication to every project. He views each project as a chance to help a client tell their story to the world through the largest information platform in the world.

Web Development

Please contact me about any projects! I am happy to discuss any commissions, performances, or web projects!