Jonathan D. Kroeger - Composer


Sum Maria

for Abigail Martin, a follower of Christ


Soprano (D#4-B4) and Piano



Year Composed



Jonathan D. Kroeger

The Earth shakes, each moment burns like fire.
The curtain tears, his temple cracks its spire.
The Heaven's reign, just like the falling sun
the lasting pain, I feel my during son.
Oh God, my king, we own you everything,
but can you hear the screams of broken souls sing?
When everyone prays to you, whom should I pray to?
Ave Maria! Sum Maria!
Is this what You had planned?
Is this what You had known?
Taking my son, the King of Man, and throwing him off the throne?

Composer's Note

Sum Maria was inspired by a dear friend's rendition of Verdi's "Ave Maria." Abigail Martin gave a beautiful rendition and it inspired me to think about Mary's story during Christ's death.